Hormone Balance for Women

Our compounding pharmacists have been meeting the needs of peri-menopausal and menopausal women through the use of plant-derived hormones that are biologically identical to those naturally occurring in women for over 25 years.

What are hormones?

Hormones are chemical substances which are produced in one part of the body, usually a gland like the ovaries, adrenals, testicles, or thyroid, and they travel to another part of the body where they fit into receptors on a cell. Think of the hormones as “keys” that fit into the receptors or “locks” on the cell to give a message. We have trillions of cells in the body and thousands of receptors on each cell. Hormones are an essential part of the workings of every cell in the human body and regardless of age, a woman’s hormones all work together to keep her in balance.

What does natural or bio-identical mean?

Natural or bio-identical hormones are derived from a substance found in plants called diosgenin which is similar in structure to cholesterol. We make these same hormones from cholesterol in the human body. It was in the 1930's that scientist, Dr. Russell E. Marker, developed a process for producing progesterone from the fats and oils of Wild Yam (Dioscorea Villosa). The active constituents of Wild Yam are primarily steroidal saponins based on diosgenin. The science starts with diosgenin and takes three steps to convert it to progesterone. Once the extract is converted it is an exact chemical match for the molecule that is produced by the ovaries. This exact chemical structure is what makes them bio-identical to our own human hormones. There are now over 10,000 plants worldwide that have been found to contain diosgenin in them. Although diosgenin may be converted into our hormones in the laboratory, there are no enzymes in the human body which can produce this transformation. Neither can ingestion or absorption of Wild Yam increase the body's natural production of hormones. Natural or bio-identical hormones produce the same physiologic response in the body as your own.

What do my symptoms mean?

The glands in our bodies produce many hormones such as progesterone, estradiol, estriol, estrone, testosterone, DHEA, cortisol, and thyroid hormones. Even when only one unbalanced hormone is present, it will adversely affect all the others. This imbalance may result in the following menopausal and premenopausal symptoms:

  •   Aches and pains
  •   Acne
  •   Allergies
  •   Arthritis
  •   Bleeding changes
  •   Bone loss
  •   Breast cancer
  •   Breast tenderness
  •   Candida (yeast) infections
  •   Chemical sensitivity
  •   Cold body temperature
  •   Constipation
  •   Cramps
  •   Cystic ovaries
  •   Decreased muscle mass
  •   Depression
  •   Dry skin and hair
  •   Elevated triglycerides
  •   Fatigue
  •   Fibrocystic breasts
  •   Fibromyalgia
  •   Foggy thinking
  •   Forgetful
  •   Hair dry & brittle
  •   Hair loss
  •   Headaches/migraines
  •   Heart palpitations
  •   Hot flashes
  •   Incontinence
  •   Increased facial or body hair
  •   Infertility
  •   Irritability
  •   Low blood pressure
  •   Low libido
  •   Memory lapses
  •   Nails breaking or brittle
  •   Nervous
  •   Night sweats
  •   Oily skin
  •   PMS/mood swings
  •   Sleep disturbances
  •   Slowed reflexes
  •   Stress
  •   Sugar cravings
  •   Swelling/puffy eyes/face
  •   Tearful
  •   Thinning skin
  •   Uterine fibroids
  •   Vaginal dryness
  •   Water retention
  •   Weight gain

The symptoms may be different for each woman and symptoms need to be looked at in “groups” to indicate a deficiency or excess of one hormone. Click here to get a complete symptom checklist.

How do I become balanced?

No two women are alike and the value of bio-identical hormone replacement therapy is that it can be adapted to fit your individual body and hormone levels. Our compounding pharmacists can work with you and your health care practitioner to measure hormone levels, evaluate your symptoms and health history, and come up with a plan unique to you and your needs. We can customize the compounded hormones based on dosage form, symptoms, and weight. We can compound in the following delivery forms that will increase compliance, maximize the potential for therapeutic success, and reduce the potential for unwanted side effects:

  •   Capsules
  •   Injections
  •   Transdermal Creams & Gels
  •   Troches – Regular and Mini
  •   Vaginal Creams & Suppositories

To learn more about our testing procedures, please visit our Resources page.

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