Sterile Compounding

At Central Iowa Compounding Pharmacy, sterile custom prescription medications are prepared in a state-of-the-art clean room containing a laminar airflow hood. All our pharmacists have been to classes on sterile compounding and have been certified in aseptic technique. Because of the strict guidelines for sterile compounding, it is more important than ever for pharmacists to be properly trained. All sterile compounding is performed by a pharmacist who is responsible to make sure every step is done with the utmost care, from the proper compounding technique and preparation, to storage and handling of chemicals, to sterility testing of the finished preparation, and to rigorous cleaning and periodic testing of the clean room itself. Sterility testing is done on all of our sterile compounds, as required by the Iowa Board of Pharmacy and USP regulations, prior to being dispensed to the patient. All testing is documented and maintained on file, which can give the physician confidence in the quality of our sterile preparations.

We can prepare:

  •   Injections for impotence and infertility
  •   Ophthalmic solutions and preparations
  •   Vitamin/mineral injections

Strict Policies and Procedures

Some of our policies and procedures we use to ensure the sterility and quality of the finished prescription are as follows:

  •   Bi-annual outside certification of our clean room, laminar airflow hood, powder containment hood certification, viable air sample testing
  •   Environmental microbiology sampling
  •   Independent lab testing of finished products
  •   Proper cleaning and maintenance routines
  •   Proper staff grooming and gowning before entering critical sterile room
  •   Routine testing of our pharmacy staff's sterile technique