LazrPulsr Cold Light Therapy

With Body Memory Reset (BMR)


What is laser therapy (low level light therapy or LLLT)?

Laser is an acronym for: Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. This refers to the specific qualities and methods by which lasers produce light.

Einstein theorized, forty years before science understood LASER, that the body produced coherent light as a method of internal cell to cell communication. He also stated “All forms of matter are really light waves in motion”. Light is the essence of the body, it is what we are made of. There are several different properties that determine the effect of light on living tissue:

  •   The wavelengths of the light
  •   The light source that is used
  •   If the light source is continuous or pulsed, and if it is pulsed at what frequency
  •   The power density or mW of power

Wavelength:  Everything on earth vibrates (or has its own unique frequency) and everything vibrates at different speeds (wavelengths) unique to it. Visible light has a wavelength in the range of about 380 nm to740nm. Ultraviolet light has a wavelength shorter than 380nm and Infrared has a wavelength above 760nm. The LLLT cold laser has a wavelength of 635nm which is within the wavelength spectrum of 600nm-720nm where chromophores have peak activation. Chromophores are biological light receptors in living tissue in humans and animals. The LazrPulsr system uses the 635nm wavelength because it has the potential to activate every biological photosensitive receptor in the body.

Light source:  LazrPulsr is true laser therapy using 4 fully collimated, coherent, polarized monochromatic, 635nm low level lasers to allow maximum utilization of light at the lowest intensity.

Continuous or pulsed:  LazrPulsr is a true frequency therapy using a precise broad range of pulsed laser frequency for quality tissue frequency bio-modulation.

Power density:  This is referring to the mW or milliwatt of power. One mW is 1/1000 Watt. Therapeutic lasers vary from <1mW to 100,000 mW. The LazrPulsr is less than 5 mW of power and will never cause any tissue damage. There are no know side effects of LLLT.

Body Memory Reset

(BMR) Body Memory Reset Therapy is the therapy received from the LazrPulsr system. The body has over 100 trillion cells that store an unbelievable amount of information. This information manages every function of every organ and controls every tissue and system in the body. Like all stored information in this world, information can become corrupt and affect your overall health.

Body Memory Reset therapy utilizes light and frequency to restore information that has been corrupted in the body over a life time. The effects on health can be amazingly significant.

Effective for most conditions:

Whether it be physical, chemical, or infections the body responds to all injuries or illness with inflammation. All aspects of the inflammatory process, vascular, cellular, and lymphatic can be supported or mitigated through the use of low level laser and frequency therapy. Therefore the LazrPulsr has the potential to manage pain, improve healing time, increase circulation and lymphatic drainage for almost all health conditions.

Low Level Laser Therapy may support a number of conditions including:

  •   Arthritis
  •   Back pain
  •   Carpal tunnel
  •   Fibromyalgia
  •   Fractures
  •   Headaches/migraines
  •   Immune system stimulation
  •   Lyme’s
  •   Strains/sprains
  •   Tendonitis

Safe and Comfortable for the patient:

Low level light therapy is very safe, effective, and comfortable with no disrobing necessary. It is equally effective through bandages and all natural fiber clothing. Protective eyewear is not required. The patient will have no sensation of the laser light itself. There may be a calming or relaxing effect and the patient may feel the changes in circulation or pain reduction over injured tissues. The laser does not have to come in contact with the skin or the injured tissues to be used effectively. It can be held a comfortable distance during the treatment.

We do not treat or diagnose any specific medical conditions. The laser therapy is used as an adjunctive aid to support the patient’s overall health and well-being and does not replace the advice of a health care practitioner.

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